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Book Review Ayn Rands Anthem - 916 Words

Ayn Rands 1938 book Anthem emphasizes the importance of individuality and how this concept is threatened by societys tendency to promote values that are damaging for people in general. The novellas protagonist, Equality 7-2521, has been discriminated ever since he was a little boy, as his teachers were determined to differentiate between individuals on account of their particularities. From societys perspective, everyone needed to be equal in the respective community and it was essential for people to refrain from standing out. This was very difficult for Equality, as his stature practically made it impossible for him to be considered an equal. This makes it possible for one to understand that Equality felt discriminated from the first years of his adolescent life and that this played an important role in making him want to live life differently from the rest of the world. Equality was accustomed to being discriminated ever since his teachers observed that he was taller in comparison to his colleagues. Ever have the Teachers and the Leaders pointed to us and frowned and said: There is evil in your bones, Equality 7 2521, for your body has grown beyond the bodies of your brothers. (Rand 1). This proves that not only did his teachers feel that he should take on attitudes that would emphasize him being equal to his peers, as they also wanted him to feel guilty as a result of his physical appearance. It was virtually as if they considered him responsible for acting inShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Ayn Rand s The Fountainhead 1490 Words   |  6 Pagesin their novels, but Ayn Rand did. Ayn Rand used her philosophy in the main characters and influenced American society during the Cold War with her novel The Fountainhead. Through the actions of the protagonist Howard Roark, Ayn Rand demonstrates her philosophy of objectivism and her belief in individualism wh ich reflect her opposition towards communism. Ayn Rand was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1905 under the name Alissa Rosenbaum (â€Å"Ayn†). Around the time of Rand’s childhood, Communism had

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A Brief Introduction to American Literature - 3396 Words

Introduction American literature, to my eyes, like American history, although short, however, still full of glories and shining masterpieces and writers. Those American writers, while conquering this wild America, also had conquered the great field of American literature. From its first imitative activities to innovative attempts nowadays, American literature gradually gains its unique style, theme and form, and I ¡Ã‚ ¯m always excited to see their works are more and more America in its true sense. American literature is part of world ¡Ã‚ ¯s literature, however, it always has its unique flavor that cannot be easily ignored. Most critics hold that the history of American literature can be divided into six parts, orderly, colonial period,†¦show more content†¦2. Development Romanticism developed from its early stage to its high stage with changes both in style and theme. Early romanticism was more or less imitative of British literature of Romanticism. They were experimental and conformist. At that time, the new United States of America was in a period of development, growth, experimentation and search. Above all, it was a time of extension of the American nation and the American identity. During this period, some American writers did begin to attract notice abroad and their books drew attention of important foreign figures. Although English literary models were still admired, the American writers soon turned to the American civilization and found their materials in the culture and history of their native land. American Romanticism reached its peak with some literary giants in Romantics  ©Ã¢â€š ¬ Poe, Whitman, Dickinson, Hawthorn and Melville. They created for themselves a new personality. High Romantists lived in a period of vast commercial expansion when Americans had more opportunities, more freedom and believed that United States was the greatest nation on earth. However, romantic writers, otherwise, tended to depict the darkness of the country, and therefore, their works endure deeper power. 3.Characteristics The characteristic of romanticism can be summed upShow MoreRelatedNative American Storytelling Lit Paper1214 Words   |  5 PagesNative American Storytelling November 12, 2012 ENG/301 Native American Storytelling Native American literature is the root of cultural storytelling, which is told through oral tradition, this consist of stories and songs verbally. Native American literature use literary conventions in the root of myth and symbolic examples in storytelling. The book â€Å"Native American Literature: A Brief Introduction and Anthology† gives good insight into the Native American ways of life and how storytelling isRead MoreEssay on Ethnic Literature959 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican Literature Paper Randy Hale University of Phoenix ENG.301 American Ethic Literature Michael Cromwell December 24, 2012 American Ethic Literature Paper What makes American literature American? American literature is just that American literature. American literature is stories of people lives that are based on American standards. Early American standards where based around slavery and oppression but now they are based on freedoms like freedom of speech and press. America hasRead MorePuritanism in American Literature Essay1149 Words   |  5 PagesPuritanism in American Literature The Puritans had a large influence in American literature and still influence moral judgment and religious beliefs in the United States to this day. Puritan writing was used to glorify God and to relate God more directly to our world. Puritan literature was commonly a realistic approach to life. â€Å"Puritanism as a historical phenomenon and as a living presence in American life has enriched American literature in ways far too numerous to detail here.† (GRead MoreApa Template For Nursing Program1211 Words   |  5 Pageswill search upon electronically to describe the most important aspects of the study, including trial sizes, statistical data, conclusions, and possible applications. Literature review or meta analysis: Describe the problem, eligibility requirements, participants, results, conclusions, limitations, and implications. Theory: Brief description of the theory, why it makes sense, and links to experiments supporting the theory. Methodological: Class, important features, and range of application. Read MoreAsian Philosophy and Literature Essay examples1266 Words   |  6 PagesAsian Philosophy and Literature Paper Sonya Dowell ENG/301 August 13, 2012 Marc Bonnani INTRODUCTION The Asian Culture has faith in that there are a series of beliefs and principled forms in the Asian literature that follows in the ethnic steadiness and a thoughtful of collaboration that resulted in the mutual understanding of Asian literature development, but the Asian literature views comes from a diverse ethnic upbringings, no single meaning of the word exists, but characteristicallyRead MoreIndian Writing in English1144 Words   |  5 PagesChapter 1 Introduction Indian writing in English has a comparatively short but highly stimulating history. In 1793, Sake Dean Mahomed wrote conceivably the first book by an Indian in English, called The ‘Travels of Dean Mahomed’. However, most early Indian writing in English was non-fictional work, such as biographies and political essays. This began to change in the late 1800s, when famous Indian authors who wrote mostly in their mother tongue, beganRead MoreNo One Hears Words on a Page: The Native American Oral Tradition1021 Words   |  5 Pages The impact of contemporary Native American authors is not diminished by the fact they fail to fully transcribe tales of the oral tradition into an equally successful literary story. The basic elements of the oral tradition are technically adhered to but the interaction between audience and the teller is absent. The lack of personal interaction with the histories and ethical tales changes the culture of Native Americans. Literary stories are generally published for public consumption. The publicRead MoreMedical Literature : The Scientific Literature Of Medicine Essay1266 Words   |  6 PagesMedical literature is the scientific literature of medicine: articles in journals and texts in books devoted to the field of medicine(Wikipedia). When entering the healthcare field, it is very important to familiarize yourself with medical literature and how to properly document medical findings. AMA format was not designed to be used for a research paper. It was designed for the use of medical journal articles. A paper written in AMA format must include four major parts: A title page, an abstractRead MoreFactors Leading For Shortage Of Primary Care Physicians1533 Words   |  7 Pages HSAD 5013 Outline TITLE: Factors responsible for shortage of primary care physicians A) Introduction: Shortage of primary care physicians †¢ An overview of primary care. †¢ A brief description of primary care physicians and their shortage. †¢ Statistical and numerical analysis. †¢ Research Question – What are the factors that created the shortage of primary care physicians? †¢ ImportanceRead MoreEmily Dickinson And Walt Whitman1719 Words   |  7 PagesIn American literature there are many types of themes and periods of writing. Each writer has their own style and way of conveying what they want to say to their readers. A lot of time what and how an author writes comes from how they grew up and the experiences they have had. They find a way to insert themselves and their emotions into words that move the readers in some way. One of the most popular periods of writing would be the romanticism era. Some of the most well known authors in this time

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Project Quality Management Plan Sample - MyAssignmentHelp

Question: The company provides unrivalled products and services to the Australian collector market. It comprises a mail-order business, e-commerce site, two retail locations, rare coin and banknote investment services, a numismatic auction house, and an international wholesale busine? Answer: Introduction: Business is one of the ever-changing places in the world by the up gradations of the technologies. The project management of the business companies is one of the key strategies by the help of which the company makes its marks in the competitive environment. In this particular project the project management of the constructions company Carillion will be analyzed and discussed. It is analyzed that the relocations of the staffs of the companies is one of the key strategies of the company in the field of the project management. Proposal and the feasibility of the project: The relocations of the staffs are one if the crucial strategies as there are several prospects of the company in terms of growth in the market and the project along with the project has its in potentials. The potentials and the strategies of the company in practicing the strategies can be analyzed by the practice of the SWOT analysis and the PEST analysis (Deeprose, 2006). SWOT analysis: Strength: the company can transfer their skilled staffs in several locations that will increase the expansion of the company in the market. Weakness: in certain cases the staffs may not give the accurate service as they offer in the previous location due to sudden change. Opportunity: a new prospect will be created for the comp-any that will help the company to grow in a new environment. Threat: the staffs that will be relocated in the new environment may not be happy and can cause revolt that degrades the work culture of the company. The relocations of the staffs have got tremendous potentials in build in it which can be analyzed by the PEST analysis. Political aspect: the decisions and the notifications should be taken from the government by the company for its relocations of the offices and staffs. Economic aspect: by the relocations of the staffs a new prospect will be crested in the work culture of the company that will increases the revenue by the passage of time. Social company: the society will be benefitted as peoples will be recruited and that will increase the service of the company along with the citizenship status. Technology aspect: by the relocations of the skilled staffs the company will be able to implement up graded systems by the help of which the service of the company will be energized. The project organization structure: The company being an active one in the market of UK has got an accurate organization mix. In the hierarchy the people from all levels support each other along with the staffs that help the company to grow in rapid pace of time. There are more than 30 locations that are required for the project. The company analyze that the reallocations of the staffs will be actively followed by recruitment of the peoples from the local levels (Patel, 2008). The skills and the knowledge about the job prospect are the primary needs of the company for which tanning is also necessary and for this particular purpose a Project Management Office is actively needed. The staffs that are relocated by the company in these locations will help the people in getting the proper trainings and the officials of the company along with theses staffs will be the responsible ones in this new office of the company. The hierarchy of the company can be given by as follows. The management issues of the project management: There may be management issues of the company that may take place due to the relocations of the staffs. The higher officials of the company along with the staffs need to coagulate with each other in handling the problems as a conflict may arise as the staffs may not be open to decisions of the company or they may not be able to cop up with the new environment that degrade the work flow of the company along with their growth (Drucker, 2010). The company needs to have multiple policies or contingency plans under their sleeves that will handle the situations by proper measures. The staffs are the integral part of the company and it is by their activities that the company enhances its growth in the market so the company may not look to loss them from their culture for which increasing the salaries or the inclusion of the incentives in the work culture may be strategies of the company in fulfilling the expectations of the staffs. Effectiveness of the strategy: The relocations of the staffs are the key strategies of the company in energizing their growth and expansion in the market. The effectiveness of the strategy can be analyzed by the practice of the 360 degree appraisal and along with that it can be controlled accurately. The success variable of the project can be analyzed under the heads of assessing the overviews of the people witnessing the change along with the self assessment systems. The final report is generated along with the feedbacks from the company officials. If a positive feedback is generated from all these aspects then the effectiveness of the project is analyzed. Planning of schedule The project specification is so vital issue respect this relocation of staffs in this unit. WBS identifies the deliverables and tasks which is associated with this project. This structure is used to determine the critical path for project management system. Drafts are basically created during this project identification stage. There are so many other tools are used in this category like PERT, CMT etc. In this project management issue, relocating of staffs are very necessary because proper relocation is always crucial for any construction unit. Day shift, evening shift and night shift are maintained by the project manager where to allocate each and every staff for the project. Manager must be associated with some tools and techniques to involve all the staffs in the project. By the WBS system manager will allocate all the necessary things for all the staff to do a better project management (Lock, 2006). Identification of resources: Proper identification of resources is mandatory in the project management issue. Manager need to identify where to involve each staff for the project. Allocating resources: Allocation of resources are vital as here the resources mean staffs, so staffs are being selected in a standard way and select the individual staff for their changing shifts. Resource and Cost plan Allocating of all the resources is always crucial for extra benefit of the project. Project manager will choose all the resources which are so necessary in this project aspect. The proper estimation is needed because turnover and profit is the main thing in any kind of businesses. If proper project planning is not being developed by the manager then there will be lot more bad effect in this project and also it will cross the deadline where to finish the project (Kerzner, 2010). Planning of cost in this relocation of staffs in the construction unit has to be declared properly because it is involved with all types of parts such as project risk, effectiveness, project organization etc. Project performance is being monitored by many kinds of tools such as Gantt chart, WBS, audit etc. By these types of charts project manager can monitor all the effectiveness and also it will help to monitor the cost estimation of the project. Risk management Without proper risk management a project cannot be stated because risk is the vital part of any project. Proper justification of risk management is quite necessary to handle the project. By the Gantt chart manager can evaluate all types of risks and also it will help to monitor all the staffs according to their performance issue. Budgetary control in a project is vital because all risks are related with that type of budgetary issue. Planning and the execution is basic necessary in this risk management technique. Project manager is always informed by all the staffs and employees where any problematic issue is occurred regarding this project. In this project basically the main problems will be in the portion of relocation of all the staffs. A chart will be shown regarding this risk management in the construction unit. Quality management plan The quality management practices are being used and it governs the construction work. The construction unit is basically depended upon the quality assurance and other this type of issue. Communicate and use a standard knowledge of practices specify and control the more over construction engineering activities in this project management system. Some of few quality management planning will be discussed below; Administer and prepare all workplace and plan for the construction project. Proper quality management is regarding in the civil engineering and construction project. Quality standards will be followed by the entire manager properly. Quality roles and responsibilities. Project must be delivered with satisfactory quality level. The quality management planning is basically defined as the level of quality which is defined by the customer (Mehta, 2007). Quality control activities verify and monitor project deliverable as well as standard project type. References Deeprose, D. (2006). Project management. Oxford, U.K.: Capstone Pub. Drucker, P. (2010). Managing the non-profit organization. New York, N.Y.: HarperCollins. DuBrin, A., Ireland, R., Williams, J. and Sisk, H. (1989). Management organization. Cincinnati: South-Western Pub. Co. Field, M. and Keller, L. (1998). Project management. London: International Thomson Business Press. Heerkens, G. (2002). Project management. New York: McGraw-Hill. Kast, F. and Rosenzweig, J. (1974). Organization and management. New York: McGraw-Hill. Kerzner, H. (2010). Project management. New York: John Wiley. Lock, D. (2006). Project management in construction. Aldershot: Gower. Maylor, H. (1996). Project management. London: Pitman. Mehta, R. (2007). Project management. Jaipur: Aavishkar Publishers. Patel, V. (2008). Project management. Jaipur, India: Oxford Book Co

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Complexity Managing Projects Complex World -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Complexity Managing Projects Complex World? Answer: Introduction The views of Shermon on parametrics is that it is the best methodology to estimate a budget. Hundreds of CER models are used in parametrics models to facilititate in estimating the budgets. The model is highly unbiased and it is just a representation of the facts that can be used to predict the future. Parametrics model is essentially a tool to set the budgets for a complex project and set the schedules in a realistic way. This being a top-down psychology, nothing is left out. To apply this model in the Australian Public Service projects could facilitate a lot in terms of planning for the projects properly. Public projects have a huge amount of work to be done and to maintain the time schedule for the same is difficult thing to keep. A top-down methodology like this one can benefit the government and the project completion as well. Bad experiences can in many occasions send the wrong messages and can be counter-productive. If the experiences that an individual goes through is not providing with the right answers and rather is hindering possibilities of future growth, then there is no advantage of that experience. Despite this, the learner also has to be self-aware so that the experience can be internalized and utilized to the fullest. A project manager has to look into many different aspects of a work so that it is worked on properly and completed as per the specifications. While working on any project, the manger acquires many experiences that help in the future growth of the person by providing insights and knowledge as to how can similar work can be done with efficiency. However, if the project does not give the manager a good experience or rather is misleading in terms of knowledge, then it can be harmful in helping the person to learn anything at all, and even if the person does learn something, it will be flawed. Deliberate deception is a critical thing that needs to be avoided to ensure that a person is not learning something that is untrue. To overcome this one must be receptive and be open to learn things that may be not in accordance of the persons own beliefs. Facts should be changing beliefs and not the other way around. In one of the projects that I had worked on, the project manager was rigid in his stance and did not accept the facts despite those being evident and fitting for the purpose of the projects. His rigidity made the entire project to be misled and the completed work was not at all adhering to the requirements. His beliefs became obstacles in his way to learn something new and this is an obstacle that could have been ignored simply by the person himself and since it was not done, the entire project went astray. Many of the projects that the managers have to handle are not easy and some are so unique that any previous case studies cannot be of any help to them. In such cases the managers have to rely on their own wit to make sure marketing project is completed properly. Since the projects are unique in themselves, it is not possible for any forewarning to be given to the managers. Only speculations regarding which problems may arise in the process of working on the project can be done. However, other unforeseen circumstances may arrive when doing the project and the solutions to these have to be come with instantaneously. Feedbacks from other projects cannot always be used because of the very fact that the nature of the two projects are staggeringly different. Developing models is one of the major ways through which patterns and trends can be understood. Systems dynamics can help to establish these models so that they can study events and things in a way that can help to understand it properly and in depth. Developing models that attribute to human lies and deceptions is a tricky thing that can be only made speculations about. Human psyche is a very intriguing thing and having any established model for the same is not possible. There are countless arguments and opinions regarding why do humans lie and none of them can be accepted as the absolute one that defines and understands everything. Reference Aspects of Complexity: Managing Projects in a Complex World (2011)Terry Cooke-Davies, PhD Baccarini, D. (1996). The concept of project complexityA review.International Journal of Project Management, 14,201204. Cooke-Davies, T 2011,Aspects of Complexity: Managing Projects in a Complex World,Project Management Institute, Cooke-Davies, T 2011,Aspects of Complexity: Managing Projects in a Complex World,Project Management Institute, Udo, N Koppensteiner, S 2004, What are the core competencies of a successful project manager?,PMI Global Congress 2004,New Square. Rowe, N. C., Rrushi, J. (2016). Professional Deception. InIntroduction to Cyberdeception(pp. 25-38). Springer, Cham. Kireev, M. V., Medvedeva, N. S., Korotkov, A. D., Medvedev, S. V. (2015). Functional interactions between caudate nuclei and inferior frontal gyrus in deliberate deception processing.Fiziologiia cheloveka,41(1), 29-34. Morandi, B., Pigay, H., Lamouroux, N., Vaudor, L. (2014). How is success or failure in river restoration projects evaluated? Feedback from French restoration projects.Journal of Environmental Management,137, 178-188. Cooke-Davies, T 2011,Aspects of Complexity: Managing Projects in a Complex World,Project Management Institute,