Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Essay --

In 1877, Elias moved to California, when he met his wife flora, in 1890 they moved to Chicago, they had 5 children, Herbert Arthur, Raymond Arnold, Roy Oliver, Walter "Walt" Elias Disney, and Ruth Flora Disney. Walt was born in Chicago in 1901, 4 years later his parents moved to Marceline, which was the most important phase in his life, it was his hometown, and they lived on a farm. Walt had special feelings towards animals. The first time I heard Walt Disney’s story, was in this class, and it was told in a creative way by my professor. At the beginning of each class, our instructor played us a minute or two of Walt Disney’s songs, which brought back happy and comforting memories of my childhood. Walt lived in Marceline, a perfect small town. He attended the town’s school where he showed interest in things that other kids didn’t. As soon as he learned how to use a pencil, he fell in love with drawing. He also liked acting; the first role he played was Peter Pan, who then became an inspiration to him. When Walt was ten years old, the family moved to Kansas City, Missouri. His father Elias had sold his farm for 5175$ and bought a distributorship for the morning Times and the Star newspaper. Walt and his brother then started working for their father. They used to wake up early in the morning and deliver papers before going to school. In 1917, Elias moved his family back to Chicago. Walt went to high school there and became the cartoonist for the school’s paper. During his lecture, our instructor showed us a small part of Walt’s documentary movie, how he used to make cartoons come to life, as well as techniques he had used. Walt wanted to go to Europe and join the army, but his father was against his idea and was refusing to si... ...come source, he met with the head of Universal picture; this man gave him an idea about re-releasing his old films, like Snow White, it was re-released almost 10 times. Walt Disney was a true inspiration to children as well as adults, he made dreams come true, and every single one of his films was a success. He built an empire following his dreams, and achieved his main goal, which was entertaining people all over the world. Walt Disney was one of the most successful men in our era. He built an Empire following his dream; entertaining people. His achievements made him an inspiration for children as well as adults to never give up on their dreams. Unfortunately his addiction to nicotine, lead to a tumor in his lungs that took over his life on December 15th 1966 when he was only 65 years old. Although he’s passed away one can’t deny that he’s still a living legacy.

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