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Primate comparison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Primate comparison - Essay Example The diet of the animal includes sap, fruit, arthropods as well as nectar. The animal unlike other animals such as the Bengal Slow Loris does not in any way show forms of sexual dimorphism with an increase in weight. In fact, the vestigial tail that exists within the animal is often hidden beneath the fur and is reduced to what can be described as a stump. The primate has a toothcomb; this means that it has six teeth that are forward facing on the bottom of the jaw (Wiens, 2002). These teeth are mainly incisors and canine teeth. The structure of these teeth is often used to graze off gum when it comes to the process of foraging. The animal excretes a brawny smelling fluid from the glands used in communication. The Sunda Slow Loris often moves swiftly through trees with its four limbs. Callithrix pygmaea often known as the pygmy marmoset can be described as new world monkey species that is often native to Peru, Brazil, Bolivia and Colombia. Its range often stretches expansively over the Andrean foothills of the Southern Colombia to the Southeastern Peru (Townsend, 2001). The pygmy marmosets often live and thrive in a multistratal river edge forests at different and diverse lower evaluations. The pygmy marmosets are often described as the smallest extant monkeys, this is because they have an average body length of 13 cm. The animal has a coat of buff as well as grey fur that is marked with yellow, green as well as black ticking on the head. Infants initially have grey heads as well as yellow coats that are covered with black ticking and they exhibit the adult pattern with the first month life. Although the pygmy marmosets are not often considered as being sexually dimorphic, the females are often known to be slightly heavier than the males. Longer hair that exists around the face as well as the neck often gives the pygmy pygamae the facade of a lion like mane. The animal has hindlimbs are often

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