Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The art of Graffiti Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The art of Graffiti - Essay Example One day when I went to this mosque to investigate further, I met an old man who sometimes cleans to floors and walls indoors. I took him around to the back of the mosque to show him the graffiti and to ask him what he thought. He looked very surprised when he saw the drawings. He told me that what the people had done who had drawn the graffiti was unacceptable. He had been brought up not to damage or deface other peoples’ property and to show respect for others. These scribblings, he said, were like a slap in the face—they were like someone had drawn physically on his own body, or taken something that belonged to him away from him. â€Å"The people in this community worked hard save up to build this mosque,† he told me. â€Å"They paid to make this walls clean and white. There is no merit in what was done here. Instead it was an act of defacement and sacrilege. It is unacceptable!† My opinion of the situation closely mirrored that of this gentleman. Itâ₠¬â„¢s just a shame that the risk is not commensurate with the meaning of what they are saying. They really seem only to have drawn gibberish on the side of the mosque—not anything that can constitute the risk. Even if they had written something against to government that would be political expression which would at least give the viewer something to think about. Through out the Middle East there is a fair amount of graffiti on mosques. Because of the political turn in the world in recent years, there is sometimes a strong feeling about Muslims.

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